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Different Types of Sinks

Sinks come in different types. Apart from the common kitchen and bathroom sinks, which is how most people categorize them. There are also several other sink types each based on their own individual design and functionality. Here are some information about each type of sink and their characteristics.

Pedestal Sink

These sinks are mounted on a pedestal. They are mostly made of stones such as marble and granite, though other unconventional materials are also being used today. Ceramic pedestal sinks are also common. Sink makers usually have a very keen eye on their design, especially the ones they place in showrooms. That's why you will find that these sinks are mostly installed with superior quality fittings with good looking styles.

If you are planning to buy pedestal sinks, you may have to buy the pedestal and the basin separately and then get them fitted to where you want them. These sinks are more so present in bathrooms rather than kitchens. They come in a variety of designs and colors so you can choose according to your preferences.

Vanity Sink

A vanity sink is a sink that has a cabinet below the basin. They are very similar to pedestal sinks and the only difference is the presence of a cabinet. This is the reason a lot of people are going for vanity sinks as they give extra storage place. However, the presence of the cabinet increases the cost of vanity sink and due to customer demands in terms of designs and styles, today's prices can be more expensive than pedestal.

Laundry Utility Sink

Laundry utility sinks are large sinks that are found in laundries for washing purposes. They need to be sturdy because of the heavy-duty use they are constantly put into. These sinks are generally made of stainless sink, copper or durable stone materials and are designed with ample dimensions. Laundry sinks are generally very large in size (over a foot at the least), therefore many people find it quite convenient using it to wash small pets as well as hand washing clothes.

Compartment Sink

You will find compartment sink commonly at places such as restaurants and hospitals. These sinks have multiple basins in a single setup, which creates the compartments and usage area. The sinks are useful when different kinds of articles or items need to be washed simultaneously. In restaurants, the compartments may be used to differently wash plates, cutleries, pans, heavy utensils, etc. In hospitals, they may be used to hold and wash items from different patients or for separating different kinds of medical instruments. These sinks are not too stylish as they are mainly built for heavy utility.

Vessel Sink

If you are looking for a very contemporary sink design sink that can be added as a valuable addition to your bathroom, then you could look at a vessel sink. These sinks have a ceramic, glass or stone vessel design, which is placed over a surface like a cabinet. These are extremely stylish and are found in a large number of designs, color and size variations accomdating modern houshold themes.

Farmhouse Sink

Also known as an apron sink or just a farm sink, these are high utility sinks that were traditionally only found in farms. These farmhouse sinks are quite narrow in the front and have a flat front surface. As a result, the reach of these sinks is considerably reduced. You donít have to exert much in order to reach the faucet. The sinks are mostly made of stone, concrete, ceramic, enameled cast iron or some such sturdy material. Due to the nature in which they are being used, that's why you won't find much stainless steel being used typically in farm sinks.

Why is it important to understand sink types?

As a smart consumer, it is very important to understand the different types of sinks that are available in the market. Let's face it, most sales people can recommend a decent sink to you in a matter of seconds, because at the end of the day, they are only after a commission. They won't have a single idea of what you're using it for, where you're putting it in....unless you tell them.

Therefore, the next time you're visiting a store or showroom, make sure you write down the list of things that you're are unsure of, then ask the salesperson that is serving you. Remember, their job is to help you find the product you're looking for. Let them know your needs, for example are you using the sink for kitchen and daily food washing, or are you using it for your garage which can be easily scratch and can contact alot of dust and hard items? Once you tell them these things, it will make their job alot easier and they won't neccessarily sell you expensive designs you you don't neccessary need.